About Us

Newport Beach Medical Associates is an Internal Medicine Group that was founded in 1996 by James Berman, M.D., Atef Khouzam, M.D. and the late Robert Stein, M.D.

NBMA physicians are all "internists" board certified by the American Board of internal medicine. They have all been trained in exceptional residency programs, and they all demonstrate a broad knowledge of how the body functions and how to detect and treat various diseases. NBMA Internists often deal with chronic medical conditions such as diabetes and hypertension, but are also adept at the acute management of serious medical problems involving heart disease, stroke, lung disease, infections, and various other conditions. All NBMA physicians are in good standing as active members of the medical staff at Hoag Hospital, and most of them have been involved in leadership positions on committees at the hospital.

Concierge Medicine

NBMA physicians are providers of Concierge Medicine. Some of the features of this program are outlined in the "Services" section. Drs. Berman, Khouzam, and Brouwer were some of the initial internists in Orange County to transform their practices into this patient-centered model of healthcare delivery. All three physicians have individually earned the distinction of being named as a Fellow of the American College of Physicians. Most recently, Dr. Martin Bae and Dr. Michael Yu also converted their practice to this private model. NBMA physicians are committed to providing outstanding patient care in a setting of unhurried office visits with easy scheduling of appointments. In order to facilitate access for patients, there are dedicated staff and phone lines for concierge patients, as well as communication with your personal physician by e-mail and after-hours phone availability. They are also available to manage their private patients upon admission to Hoag Hospital.